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Business Model
Rock-A-Roma will teach entrepreneurial and business methods to teens in the Richmond area. By this, teens will manage, operate, and develop business practices to run the store. The idea stemmed from Children Entrepreneurs Securing Success, a foundation that encourages youth to optimize on education and business opportunities. Once Rock-A-Roma opens teens hired will receive a formal training for business theory and best practices. From there, they will build coalitions and strategies to meet achievable objectives and generate consistent revenue.

The Store
Rock-A-Roma teaches clients to make aromatherapy crystal rocks and natural bath salts. Customers go through an interactive process in which they choose crystals, scents, and displays of their choice and assemble it to their preference during each visit. Younger customers can enjoy making rock theme candy, decorations, and bracelets. While they are designing crafts, the staff will teach youth about the rock cycle and the different types of rocks that can be found in Virginia.

Rock-A-Roma is the opportunity for Richmond Area teens to learn the importance of entrepreneurial skills and business methods through civic engagement. Forbes Magazine ranked Virginia as the 2nd best state to conduct business in the U.S. Therefore, we should encourage our teens to learn skills and concepts they wouldn't learn in the classroom.




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